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CVU 0 - Spaulding 4

January 9, 2010

Players and their families, coaches, and others involved with CVU hockey or helping to promote CVU hockey are welcome to use these photos. Email me if you'd like access to the digital version. You can get prints from this site--processing/mailing costs only--by clicking on a thumbnail, then mouse to the upper LH corner on a larger version of the photo you want, and 'add to cart'.

The best way to view the photos is to use the 'slideshow' button in the upper RH corner of this screen. You can send a link to friends or family by using the 'Share' button, or Tweet or post the photo to your Facebook page (use 'Share', then the icons to the right). Feel free to leave comments . .there's a comment bar at the bottom of each photo.

Cairns 2 is difficult for photography--bad lighting, and everything needs to be shot through the plexi--so many of these photos are not sharp enough to be enlarged beyond 8x10 or so. I can probably improve some a bit, though, so let me know if you want me to give it a try on a particular photo (leave a comment on the photo you want sharpened).

Dave Yandell