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Greg and Aidan Ryan, a.k.a. "They Might Be Gypsies". Photos taken at the Brick Church Music Series concert on November 20, 2009.

Prints can be ordered directly from this gallery, at cost (lab and mailing only - about $2 for an 8x10). To order, click a thumbnail to get the larger photo; on that photo, mouse to the upper LH corner and a menu will open; click 'add to cart' and follow instructions.

If you need crops, coloring, or any other edits, let me know. At the bottom of each photo you'll see a comment button -- leave me a comment as to what you'd like done and I'll take care of it and upload an edited photo.

You're welcome to use the high-res digital negatives also - -I'll email instructions separately as to how to get those rather than leaving the instructions here. Normally I close the gallery while photos are open for downloading, then reopen it once you've gotten whatever you need. This is otherwise a public gallery.

Once the concert gallery is up (usually within 2 weeks of the concert) your photos will be there also. My preference is that you send family, friends, etc. to that gallery, where there are better links regarding future concerts, etc., rather than this one. They can order prints there also and that gallery will remain open to the public indefinitely. If you have YouTube, MySpace or website links you'd like posted there, let me know.

You're welcome to use the photos in any way that can promote 'They Might be Gypsies', in print, poster, advertising, website, etc., and for any personal purposes. I ask only a couple of things: please dont sell or circulate the high-res digital negatives; please attribute the photos to me ("David Yandell") whenever possible (especially on websites, CDs or printed media, although I recognize it isnt always possible), and please dont edit, recolor, or otherwise change the photos except for minor crops. I would be very happy to make any edits, toning, etc, for you and if you can tell me the proposed use I'll make sure the version you have has been processed specifically for that use.

Great show . .. hope we cross paths again soon. Let me know if you're nearby again and you need photos
Dave Yandell