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Modified 24-Jun-08
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Photos from the 2007-2008 CSB Bantam A season

I tried to get at least a few good shots of every player. . . .but as we know some carry the puck more than others. Or break a leg and be out for the season before I could get a good shot (sorry Sam - catch you next year). You can order high quality prints online right here (go to the photo, open it by double clicking, and move your mouse cursor over the upper LH corner to get an ordering menu); the cost is only that of the lab costs plus shipping. BTW the watermark you see on the photos here will not appear on prints you order.
Players or family members who would like to download high-res digital files of specific players should contact me via email. Be sure to tell me the number(s) of the photo(s) in the gallery that you want. I will email you a password that will allow you to download the high-resolution file.
See you at the rink!

PS -I switched to Zenfolio for hosting of team photos because it is clean, easy, provides high quality prints at a reasonable price, and DOES NOT SPAM YOU!!! For any of you who likewise may be interested in sharing photos with family or friends, but would like to avoid spam and marketing hype, I highly recommend Zenfolio. If you do set up an account, feel free to use my code below and you will receive a discounted rate for setting up the account: