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Lake Iroquois Weed Mitigation
August 2009

These photos were taken at the request of Meg Handler to document weed extent and location on Lake Iroquois, in anticipation of possible mitigation efforts by vacation home owners and other local residents.
The photos in this gallery were all taken on August 25, 2009. I used polarizing filters to limit surface reflection, and have digitally processed the files to get the best possible view of the weeds.
You can probably gauge the depth from the surface of the weeds by color, with floating surface plants bright green and those just below the surface dark brown; as the photos allow a look down into the water, it appears that deeper weeks are brown/green. I'm judging this 'depth' based on the tracks left by motorboats--only the dark brown and surface plants show 'trails' from boats.

I can do additional processing on these if that would be helpful, but it is unlikely to show a whole lot more. For comparison, on our retuirn we went over Shelburne Pond; I took some photos that I havent posted here. There were no visible weeds but brighter green algae (as compared to Iroquois, which looks quite brown, Shelburne pond was greener). Shelburne Pond recently had a bloom that killed most of the fish. For comparison, we also took a loop out over the lake--Lake Champlain, from Shelburne to N. Beach at least, showed no similar weeds or algae.

To order prints, click the thumbnail to open a larger version of the photo; on that larger version, move your cursor to the upper LH corner and an ordering menu will open. Prints are available 'at cost' which means just processing and shipping costs--about $2 for an 8"x10". Meg has the digital files if you need access to them. Note that I've uploaded medium-to-low resolution images; I have these in much higher resolution but the files are large.
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