Dave Yandell Photography | After Dark
Modified 21-Jun-09
Created 21-Jun-09
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These were shot in near-total darkness on a cloudy, moonless night--too dark to walk. A bit of light was available thanks to a reflection off low clouds from a populated area about 2 miles away. The reddish cast is actually about right. . .some of the parking lots in our area still use sodium lighting.

These are fireflies. I dont know what they were saying--I dont read firefly code--but these were taken around the time that Piki died (suffice it to say that Piki was a force of nature, with otherworldly intelligence, and he probaby did know firefly code).

Most of these were shot at ISO 6400. The deer in frame 7 appears to have held still, watchng me, for at least 30 seconds. The exposure was over 40 seconds.